Frank Stoll abstract

Titel: Der Einsatz des EA für die Datenmodellierung mit dem Prozess der Evaluierung bis hin zur Entwicklung des AddIn

GfK is one of the leading market research companies with over 12,000 experts in more than 100 countries.  The internal globally used IT system named StarTrack. The System is responsible for analysis  and reporting on Tracking data which is the international production system for the retail panel. This system covers the process from data in over preprocessing, including a broad data quality process, to data out and became more and more complex over past years.

Since in the beginning of the StarTrack development there was a quite informal documentation in 2005 the desire for something smarter than a collection of documents with diagrams lead to the introduction of Sparx Enterprise Architect. Meanwhile the Enterprise Architect is consequently used through different development process phases including data modeling.

In 2011 I started at GfK Retail & Technology as Data Architect with main focus on data modeling. For I got the chance to evaluate other third party tools, which are specialized for data modeling and discovered each of them better than Enterprise Architect from pure perspective of a data modeler. They all however have one problem in common, there was no satisfying solution for integrating one of the tools into the Enterprise Architect. After arguing the pros and cons we decided to implement a prototype AddIn Meanwhile we have a working AddIn which is able to generate efficient scripts for already existing objects in the database. Long term goal is further developing of the AddIn to meet most of our requirements.

It enables to have Enterprise Architect as the design tool even for database architecture and therefore use also data models within the automatic generation of all our development documents.

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